Latvian Ergonomics Society

University of Latvia scientific conference No. 73. session Ergonomics and Work Environment

In collaboration with Latvian Ergonomics Society and Master study program “Work Environment and expertise”

Venue:  20th of February, 2015, 3:00 PM, University of Latvia, Faculty Of Chemistry, K. Valdemara Street 48, room 52 (3rd floor)

Session Leaders: professor Ženija Roja and assitant professor Henrijs Kaļķis

Conference language: Latvian

Dr. Henrijs Kalkis carries out research at the Penn State university, USA.

Dr. Henrijs Kalkis is board member of Latvian Ergonomics Society and assistant professor at the University of Latvia and carries out the research at the Penn State university. The full article is available HERE.

October – Ergonomics month !

FEES campaign European Month of Ergonomics EME is dedicated in 2014 and 2015 to this subject, with the title “Ergonomics for managing work-related stress”. The aim of the campaign is to demonstrate the potential of ergonomics knowledge and methods in managing work-related risks and thus to promote the collaboration between ergonomists and occupational health and safety experts to work together for this subject.
Presentation in English: Ergonomics for managing work-related stress 2014-2015
Presentation in Latvian : Ergonomics for managing work-related stress 2014-2015